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Features you will get, use and love
Here's what you as the developer, and end-users (your clients) should expect
Quick Onboarding
You, as the developer, should expect a flawless integration with the development environment and programming language you are already using.
  • For .NET Products: Edit the product as a Visual Studio IDE Solution.
  • For .NET Razor Products: Customize in C# & ASP.NET Razor Pages.
  • For .NET MVC Products: Customize in C# & ASP.NET MVC Pages.
  • All .NET products support the latest .NET stable release.
  • Entity Framework Core is the default ORM for Database transactions.
  • MSSQL Server is the default database provider.
Flexible Authentication
Your end-users will have multiple ways to sign-in to their account without compromising their account's security, information and private data.
  • Magic Link Authentication (Passwordless Authentication).
  • Social Authentication (Google, Microsoft).
  • Traditional Email & Password Authentication.
  • Alternative: Username & Password Authentication.
  • Alternative: Phone Number & Password Authentication.
  • Ability to cancel account lockout and sign-in immediately.
Advanced Security
Your end-users will be able to secure and protect their accounts to prevent takeovers & hijackers. They can enable advanced protection features.
  • Two-factor authentication with authenticator mobile app.
  • Recovery code generator as alternative two-factor authentication.
  • Realtime code sent to email as alternative two-factor authentication.
  • In-built advanced password checkers to prevent weak passwords.
  • Visual password strength checker to prevent weak passwords.
  • In-built username checker to help users create unique account username.
Advanced Logging
The system will automatically monitor up to 35 account activities and log data (when enabled by the admin) and users will be able to view data.
  • View failed sign-in attempts, and the attempted password.
  • View when two-factor authentication was used and which type.
  • View when Passwordless sign-in was initiated and used.
  • View all devices (new & old) that have accessed your account.
  • View when your account was locked due to failed sign-in attempts.
  • View up to 35 individual account activities.
Multiple Databases
Use the database type you love, for as long as it supports .NET and C#. There are no restrictions to the type and nature of database to use.
  • Supports MSSQL Server Database (Default).
  • Supports MySQL Database.
  • Supports PostgreSQL Database.
  • Supports SQLite Database.
  • And many more, for as long as they are supported by C# and .NET
Deploy Anywhere
Deploy your SaaS to your favourite hosting provider and type. You have the freedom to choose any server type.
  • Deploy to Azure.
  • Deploy to AWS.
  • Deploy to Google Cloud.
  • Deploy in a self-contained container (with Web Deploy).
  • Deploy as framework dependant (with Web Deploy).
  • Deploy to Linux Server.
  • Deploy to Windows Server.
  • And many more, for as long as the server supports .NET Core & C#
Account Devices
Your end-users can view which devices accessed their account, the date of access, IP Address used, and then choose to trust or untrust the devices.
  • View sign-in devices, when they signed in and their IP addresses.
  • Trust known new sign-in devices or untrusted existing sign-in devices.
  • Get an email notification about new devices & choose to trust via email.
  • Ability to enable/disable sending notifications when a new device sign-in.
  • Review the IP addresses for devices via a link to what is my ipaddress.
Options
Your end-users will enjoy unparalleled and total control over how they want to sign-in to their account without putting their account and data at risk.
  • Account users can enable/disable receiving auth-codes via email.
  • Users can enable/disable Passwordless sign-in for their account.
  • Users can enable/disable the ability to sign-in with social account.
  • Add/remove a social account to sign-in options, i.e Google & Microsoft.
Information Management
Your end-users will choose what personal information to save on their account and the ability to manage and download that information.
  • Options to save names, important dates, gender, phone number, etc.
  • The freedom to download personal information or close account.
  • Users can choose to use a display name or full names on their profile.
  • Choose name to show on their profile, first/last names or display name.
Notification Management
Your end-users will choose what notifications to receive to their email inbox, from account related notifications to newsletters, promos, etc.
  • New device sign-in notifications sent to user's email.
  • Maximum signin failed attempts notifications sent to user account email.
  • Password changed notifications auto sent to account email.
  • Username changed notifications auto sent to account email.
  • Users can choose to receive promotional emails to their email inbox.
  • Phone number changed notifications sent to user's email.
Admin Tool: Manage Users
System administrators have can successfully manage user accounts as a group and as individuals.
  • Ability to block/unblock a user account. Changes enforced immediately.
  • The ability to change a user account's password on the fly.
  • The ability to sign-into a user account without asking for the password.
  • The ability to delete a user account without asking for the password.
  • The ability delete and reset all the user account's activity data and logs.
  • The ability configure and enforce up to 11 user account restrictions.
Admin Tool: Activity Logging Policies
System administrators can enable/disable which account activity to monitor, in real-time, then set the policy by enforcing the changes.
  • Ability to enable/disable individual account activity monitoring.
  • The ability to enforce changes immediately (up to 35 activities).
  • The system will auto-monitor only the enabled account activities.
  • Ability to pause activity monitoring for disabled options.
  • The system will show who made the recent changes and when.
Admin Tool: Activity Data Management
System administrators can clear all the system activity log data collected from user accounts and reset the monitoring.
  • Ability to wipe all user account activity data.
  • Ability to reset the user account activity data logger system.
Admin Tool: Accounts Restrictions
System administrators can enable/disable and enforce restrictions (up to 13) for all system users except for other system Admins.
  • Enforce pre-signin and post-signin restrictions (before & after signin).
  • Restrict or allow all users to use the Passwordless sign-in feature.
  • Restrict or allow all users to sign-in with their social accounts i.e Google.
  • Restrict or allow all users to change their personal information.
  • Restrict or allow all users to change their account security settings.
  • Enable or disable up to 13 restrictions for all user accounts.
Admin Tool: Sign-up Validations
System administrators can restrict or allow the system to validate input data from users during account sign-up to prevent corrupt data.
  • Enable/disable the system to validate emails and reject fake emails.
  • Enable/disable the system to reject temporary email addresses.
  • Enable/disable the system to reject emails without a functional mailbox.
  • Enable/disable the system to reject emails that do not exist.
Admin Tool: Content Management
System administrators can manage the critical content of their business and service, such as setting up legal content for SLA, Policies, etc.
  • Changes to the content is effective immediately.
  • Save and update Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • Save and update Privacy Policy.
  • Save and update Cookie Policy.
  • Save and update Data Retention Policy.
Super Admin Tool: Multi-Authorization
The Super Administrator is the highest type of user account. They have the responsibility of managing roles, administrators, adding/removing them, etc.
  • Comes with 27 pre-configured roles, with role descriptions.
  • Create and manage new system roles. Set role descriptions
  • Enforce role and/or claims based authorization.
  • Add/remove/manage system administrators
  • Manage (i.e remove, update) existing roles 27.
  • Set and/or update role permissions i.e Read-Only or Read & Write
Developer Support: Product Support
We are here to help you get the most out of your product and deploy in days not weeks nor months. We offer free support.
  • Get free priority support in accordance with your license terms.
  • Watch tutorials on common customizations.
  • Advice on Email Sender providers to consider.
  • Advice on Geolocation service providers to consider.
  • Report bugs and receive priority release before major release.
  • Advice on Google & Microsoft auth-provider integration.

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Payment Getaway Modules: We will be adding support for more payment gateway modules, such as LemonSqueezy, Stripe, Paddle, FastSpring, etc.
Messaging Modules: We will add the ability to gather messages and user feedback and send immediate response.
Hardware Authentication: Authentication using hardware security keys such as TITAN, FIDO U2F/FIDO2 Certified keys, plus 2-Factor Authentication app code.
Additional Frameworks: Support for more frameworks and libraries such as Blazor, React, Vue, etc. and Tailwind, Materialize, Bulma, Skeleton etc.
Improved UI/UX: With each major release, you will receive a stunningly beautiful UI product with unforgettable experience.
Invoicing Module: Independant modules for invoicing, pdf creation, fast invoice creation, contracts creation on the fly, self-service, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Most common questions about our products
Pre-purchase Questions

We are highly-skilled developers, like you, dedicated to creating amazing boilerplates, templates and starter-kits to save you thousands of dollars and 70% development time/effort from repetitive coding tasks. We give you the flexibility to choose the technology and product you want to use in your SaaS project and speed up your development process.

You can build any web application and SaaS apps. You will receive full source code therefore the right to customize according to your solution needs. You can change the logo, colors, fonts etc and you can do any modifications or changes you want to match with your requirements.
There is a small reasonable restriction we have placed:
You are not allowed to use our products in any offline or online page builder, nomatter the license you have bought.

Absolutely Yes! You can use our product(s) for both personal and commercial projects, however, you cannot resell our products nomatter they type of license you have bought.

We offer support for all products. The validity period depends on the type of license you have purchased. Please see the product pricing plan. You can contact our support team via email support@fullstacktemplates.com and expect a response from the actual product developers. We will ask for your product license key to check if your support is still valid and if expired, we will ask for a support package license to check for validity before we give support.
Please note:
We do not give support to expired licenses nor expired support licenses.
Support includes fixing any bugs in the shipped product, not bugs you may have introduced. It does not include any help with your project integration or any third party integration, but we can only give advice on the best route to consider and the final decision and choice is up to you.

We offer several licenses and please check the product pricing page for specifics and more details.

You will receive a 1 year free update and upgrades with your purchase. If you want to receive updates and upgrades after 1 year, you need to purchase the upgrade package, which is relatively discounted.

Yes, depending on your license terms. You can check the license terms on the pricing page of the product of your choice.

The limit is mentioned on the pricing page. We have set reasonable limits that will allow you to be profitable and support a big development team.

Yes, we provide video documentation. Our clients prefer video to text because of the superiority of video, therefore we have many tutorials and videos to help you customize and use our products effectively.

We have the best quality products you could find anywhere on the internet with outstanding pricing plans. We are the best in town!
In addition, we provide many unique features, more than the competition, saving you time, money and effort It offer many commonly needed functionalities such as user authentication, authorization, advanced security, database management, and more.

Payment for our products can be made through PayPal or Credit/Debit cards including Visa, Discover, UnionPay, American Express, and Mastercard, via PayPal.

Due to the nature of the products (comes with full-source code), we do not provide a refund or money-back. To help you decide, you can try all of our products for free and unlimited times. You can check the Video Tutorials and contact us with your specific questions, before purchasing. We want you to get the best value for your money therefore we will help you with information that will help you make a decision.
In cases of bugs, we fix them and release fixes without delay, as soon as testing is completed.

License refers to how a purchased product can be used.

No, you cannot resell or redistribute our product no matter which license you have purchased, even when you do so for free.

Check out our pricing tables for each plan. If you need more clarification, contact us and we'll assist you promptly.

Yes, all plans are one-time payment-based, and you also receive free updates for lifetime!
Post-purchase Questions

You will receive an email with the instructions to download your product in your account dashboard.

You will receive a zipped file of your product. Unzip and start using. For .NET products, we supply the Visual Studio IDE Project Solution. You can open and customize just like you do any Visual Studio IDE project solution.

We have created our products in such a way that you will need very little to almost no integration with third-party libraries unless indicated. In such cases, we will provide guidance on integration and video tutorials, publicly available on our YouTube Channel, to give you a clean and smooth walkthrough.

Please contact us anytime and we will assist you immediately.
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